Media Trust works in partnership with the media and creative industries to give charities, under-represented communities and young people a stronger voice while helping the media sector to be more responsible and representative.

The Gamesys Foundation has provided funding for a new Media Trust programme: Headlining Mental Health, that will support 20 small mental health charities through a six-month strategic communications capacity building programme. In addition, Media Trust will deliver communications masterclasses for the wider mental health sector and media interview training for individuals with lived experience of mental health issues. The Foundation is also providing seed funding for each of the 20 charity core programme participants to put the creative ideas and communications strategies they develop through the programme into practice.

“We are incredibly grateful to the Gamesys Foundation for their generous support for Headlining Mental Health. Mental health charities are facing enormous pressure following the Covid-19 pandemic – there are more people in distress requiring their support but they are also having to manage a reduction in income especially from fundraising. This project will support small mental health charities in raising their profile and communicating their impact, reminding stakeholders why their work is vital, and re-igniting funding support. We are really excited about helping these amazing charities to share their stories, and engage with press and social media, whilst also empowering a more diverse range of expert voices on mental health.”

Su-Mei Thompson, CEO, Media Trust