The Foundation

The Gamesys Foundation is an independent charity organisation created and funded by Gamesys Group. The Foundation is our way of contributing to a cause which will touch so many of us over the course of our lives.

Issues of mental health have long been met with stigma and mistrust within our society, but we believe that change is on the horizon. We envisage a world in which mental health is treated with the same urgency and compassion as physical health – the Gamesys Foundation is our way of striving towards that dream.

Above all, the Gamesys Foundation is the embodiment of our wish to build a kinder world.

Who are we?

The Gamesys Foundation was created in February 2020 by Gamesys Group in response to the desire within the company to contribute to those in need. Whilst the Foundation operates as an independent charity, it is also inextricably linked with Gamesys Group and its subsidiaries.

Gamesys Group is one of the world’s leading gaming operators. The company includes recognisable brands such as Virgin Casino, Jackpotjoy, and Double Bubble Bingo.

The Gamesys Foundation’s funds come from both corporate contributions and employee initiatives. We follow strict principles of integrity, respect, and independence to identify and support causes promoting mental wellness across the global community.

The team

Neil Goulden

Neil Goulden is currently the Chair of the Trustee’s of Sue Ryder and has held various Non-Executive Director and Chair roles in NHS trusts such as the ambulance service and acute hospital care.

Kevin Hopgood

Kevin Hopgood was a former senior director of Ladbrokes for many years and has also worked for a number of charities. Kevin currently chairs a Community grants committee for Rotary.

Holly Spiers

Holly Spiers currently works for British Red Cross. Previously Holly worked for Sue Ryder as Executive Director of Hospice and Fundraising.

Who do we support?

The main focus of the Gamesys Foundation is to preserve and protect the wellbeing of individuals suffering from mental health issues.
We do that through providing grants and funding to organisations who care for these individuals directly, as well as those who focus on research in the mental health field.

Mental health is a broad term which can encompass a vast variety of ailments, treatments, and experiences. We hope to spread our goodwill as far as possible by donating to diverse causes and international communities.

Gamesys Group proudly encourages the pursuit of mental wellbeing in all of our employees. To that end, we are pleased to award donations to organisations that have touched the lives of our Gamesys family.

Get in touch with us

We understand that mental health effects people in a vast amount of ways, which is why the Gamesys Foundation is always open to new funding applications.

General Application Form

Please ensure you have read the guidance before applying, you can find all the information here